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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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turmoil in ukraine takes the forefront to the security conference in munich. pushing it but there's a new. you retreat rights that are becoming more and more violent to promote democracy. and russia's foreign minister also hits out at the e.u. for bias over its view of the riots that have split the country in the middle. there's no food nothing to eat or drink the militants are inside i swear on the soul of the prophet we want this to stop visits a starving rebel held palestinian refugee camp in syria that receives its first food aid in months of the dozens of people have died from hunger. as the olympic flame goes to the top of europe's highest peak just
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a stone's throw from its final destination. which was a brand new course where cross-country skiers and biathletes will be racing for gold in a matter of days. this is art international live from a studio center here in moscow where it's just past one am and ten pm in munich where the second day of the security conference is about to wrap up and it's the two months of turmoil in ukraine that have been in the spotlight with both the country's foreign minister and opposition front man vitaly klitschko having their say. is that. the authorities were saying that they have complied with the demands of the protesters are canceling the so-called war which basically triggered the latest wave of mass protests in the country and bring it also been detained during the protest being calling for
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a right radicals but judging by what we heard from one of the leaders of the opposition and former boxer who thought he could score he's not ready to stop this fight perhaps like in a boxing match since he said this is not enough what they want to see are completely reforms of the financial and political system in the country and the want to see the role in the elections and clearly the many western countries have been on their side that we've heard from the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will said the time for the of the scum to decide whether it's with one country or with the rest of the world adding that washington supports the ukrainian people but many have criticized this a one sided approach including russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov it is the new beautiful there are some fundamental questions that need to be answered in particular about the situation in ukraine how does fuel rods that are becoming more and more violent with democracy why is there no condemnation of those besieged and
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even still occupying government buildings were those who burns police officers racist anti-semitic and nazi slogans why do many leading european politicians encourage such actions any violations of the home or don't leave harshly. some strong words there from russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov also made a joke commenting on mr kerry's statement saying that the next time we meet he is going to ask him about his master grades in school saying clear how many countries are in that group which he called the rest of the world. so the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has reiterated that washington stands with the people of ukraine but the latest polls show two thirds of them are against the habit been plaguing kiev and the country's western regions and many fear civil war political analyst alexander public believes the support shown by the us for the riots is all about geopolitics now we have the nato general secretary.
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making more and more comments in this regard again favoring the protesters of course the ukraine is is a prize par excellence if you're moving east toward russia and obviously nato has been moving east since it's just the end of the cold war more than twenty years ago the thing is it seems like the end justifies the means this is again not anything new for the west they're playing real politics and it has nothing to do very little to do with democracy it has much to do with pragmatic geo political interests and people are just being used as pawns unfortunately. with the government and the opposition failing to reach a consensus on the syrian crisis there's no letup in the miserable plight of refugees eight hundred thousand people in the palestinian camps south of damascus remain a siege by rebels food aid was finally able to reach the area yesterday after months
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of waiting but at least fifty five people have died from hunger or notion of visited the site. another battleground of the brutal syrian war in the very heart of the country and at the edge of the regime stronghold this is your new cullison in camp here in damascus that has been held by the militants for more than a year now we are not allowed to go any further because there are military people who are controlling situation here on the ground told us that the ras ny person and the raw armed man behind this building but it's not only from bullets that people here are dying when we visit dozens already said to have died from starvation a year after the siege began food and water supplies a role but gone. there's no food nothing to eat or drink the militants are inside as well and the soul of the prophet we want this to stop whatever guilty are we
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just want to go out they want to go out but they can't they're trapped those hold in the camp only allow women and elderly men to go out briefly to bring in food a distributed by the syrian and palestinian officials together with the u.n. their families remain inside so they have to return to the besieged camp and rest i must say that well we're talking to one of my questions to an old man behind those collapses to the ground level no one could tell us exactly why was there of. my god who are dying from hunger we can't take this anymore. humanitarian aid is the only achievement so far i ask those responsible how they know that the food they deliver will not fall into the militants hands they say no one can give any going t. . siege has become a popular tactic among rebel forces here in syria just recently we went to the
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industrial city of outside damascus according to army generals at least five thousand three main trap there sieges serve well to work in an army has capabilities keeping large forces tied up for long periods of time but they have another go to your reduce your own. they claim the syrian government is besieging the palestinians in the camp they want to invert the truth by saying the syrian government is part of the killing force as they don't do anything to protect the people they want the people to hit the regime people accusations over the next of the syrian authorities allowed indeed government officials blame the militants for infiltrating into the cities in the first place and complain they can do little to fight back now as civilians could be hurt and thousands of ordinary people all over syria remain hostage inside their own homes waiting for help. already three years
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into this conflict that could prove very long wait indeed refreshen r.t. from syria. international live here in moscow still to come on the program a shoplifting epidemic. of people in their lives to split up with their kids. to petty theft from shops climbed to a nine year high last year in britain as many on the poverty line decide they'd rather steal what they really need instead of going without. facebook could bring about a change of policies that's in israel where the governments take into social networks to find out exactly what people want. to see. first. and i think the church.
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for. instance. when it's been to outer space the north pole and the bottom of the world's deepest lake baikal of course we're talking about the olympic flame making its way to sochi but surely the record breaking torch relay wouldn't be complete without a visit to the top of europe's highest mountain which is close to the host city has more. on its journey across the world's largest country the olympic torch was always going to experience some high some lives on it has now completed one of those hoist the olympic flame has been lit at the top of mt elbrus which is the highest peak in europe a team of five experienced mountaineers took it to the summit which is more than five and a half thousand meters above sea level but it is now in the final stages of its
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relay that will arrive here in sochi in a few days time ahead of the opening ceremony which is now less than a week away attention is slowly beginning to turn to the sport and one sport that russia has traditionally had success in is by athlone a my colleague to bon mots i had a look around the new purpose built state of the art cross-country skiing and biathlon center. the. legend is that mauro was an urban legend herald where now she decided to choose death over getting married to an older prince of course it's not just about death this mind serve as a reminder that to win gold you might have to die for figurative who was this could be a metaphor for the athletes that determination passion and perseverance to
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whatever you want but i can only that gold you can get it for sochi twenty fourteen the cross country skiing and by feeling twenty minutes will take place from laura organizes not hooping the lower venue stage will be on the cilla tees will put sochi firmly on the world's biafra long man i took control of the grounds on a stage to see the massive complex without getting my feet when it includes two stadiums a shooting area i'm going to say so it's true what they say this. holds brings everybody together and they are numb place a month just for us but for everybody even this little guy here. the course is a very demanding it has few places where athletes can ride and save energy and at a height of one thousand five hundred metres above sea level the lack of oxygen also makes it much harder for the competitors to breed come
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a few days of this the venue where the by alpha lawns olympic and paralympic games will be held will be filled with spectators as well as sports men and sports women why do you is where the starting point owning so glad gold will be give mother nature has dissolved the snow is ready the altitude is perfect all that's missing is the start of the whistle. on tuesday. with everything that's happening in sochi coverage right here. and we can hear you ok. how do you operate. i'm going to rehearse a sports such. as rose slowly rose i'm not an olympic hockey player is on the. way i live in my son. well we'll have more stories for you after the break this is international.
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the. problem it was a problem very hard to take. long to. do that back with the earthquake there's no. place. to.
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look. for the people. how long can one abide by shalt not steal when your wallet is taking a hit when in the u.k. shoplifting is no longer the domain of bored kids and petty criminals many are now resorting to the practice for their basic needs as has been finding out. some people do it for a dad others might have a physical compulsion when i could be part of a larger crime network but up until now few people in britain were doing it out of
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necessity i'm talking about shoplifting. people they don't even a small going big thing even expensive but what they do. and they will go according to the british retail consortium theft from shops is up to nine year high and the biggest increase has been food theft the police say there's a link between welfare cuts unemployment and shoplifting we're seeing people choosing to shoplift to maintain their previous life stone diminishing budgets police forces approve actively targeting shoplifters we have a sixteen. if you can see on the ceiling to here. for over the one over there. if you keep looking further down the. government critics say that it's cuts to welfare payments that
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a previously nor abiding citizens into so-called poverty crime over the past several months police forces have been criticized for being too lenient on women especially in mothers who of course shoplifting items that they simply can't afford to buy essential items like nappies and baby food life is so hard to. do. but the boredom it speaks to retailers here in the u.k. says that fact is a victimless crime last year alone the losses to industry over five hundred million pounds as a result they say that shops like this one go bust and communities suffer. more news from around the world now in our world update in lebanon a car bomb has exploded near a school in the country feeds close to the border with syria at least four people
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were killed and eighteen others injured in the town of hermel which is a stronghold of the militant group hezbollah the country's interior ministry says it may have been a suicide attack sunni militants have often targeted shia areas of lebanon in retaliation for hezbollah sending its fighters into syria. antigovernment protests are heating up in the thai capital with at least two blasts and dozens of gunshots fired at least six people to be wounded the supporters of the country's prime minister clashed with her opponent incident happened after demonstrators blockaded the building where ballot papers were being stored on its head of sunday's election which the opposition's vowed to boycott and disrupt. also this hour according caro has adjourned the trial of egypt's ousted president until choose day after the proceedings resumed earlier in the day and that morsi along with fourteen others from the muslim brotherhood are charged with inciting the killing of protesters back in twenty patrol comes a day after supporters and opponents of the former is the misleader clashed in
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a number of cities across egypt with police firing tear gas to disperse them all. and at least forty people have been killed and three others injured on indonesia's western island of sumatra after a volcano erupted again months in a boon unleashed clouds of thick grey ash and searing gas engulf nearby homes just one day after authorities allowed thousands of villagers to return to their land saying it was safe officials now fear the death toll will rise of all cain has been active with small eruptions since september after being dormant for three years. a canadian metal band hits the guantanamo bay playlist bots the musicians are not happy about that with sending a bill to the u.s. government for allegedly using its music as a means of psychological torture and online for more details on that. plus a proposed bill could allow u.k. police to get their hands on journalists notebooks photos and computer files without consent more about the mole that critics say could bury press freedom in
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britain at all. right on the scene. first for you and i think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. could be in the. new york london. the whole world is. the original one of the one on the end. of the court that believed at the end of the street another one the more transparent society gets the money or the proper tears become we see military and state and police forces to mobilize
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against people who blend into the city hobbit the city the more people trust electronic devices the more defenseless they are the fear that it is a. hierarchy.
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israeli democracy is truly embracing cyberspace last year the government admitted it paid some students to defend its policies and social networks now it's using facebook direct face to face meetings to ask the public what it wants. explains. there's a new kind of politics blowing through cyberspace the parliaments on facebook and its users are the legislators it's very simple citizens right in the page what they want to change and sometimes even better if they write how and we take the commons and choose and pick a member of parliament. is suitable to that. issue we are doing a lobby a lobby for the citizens with its ears to the ground this user generated democracy
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is turning citizens into politicians for a long time not a real hive was fed up with the high cost of renting in tel aviv she posted about it her suggestions metamorphosed into a ball to regulate real estate agents fees it's now a vote away from becoming law i think it's definitely a more direct way to the government and they're actually listening and they're doing things with it which is amazing rather than feeling threatened by this new brand of cyber activists more and more politicians are seeing the potential of partnering with their constituents online within that the public should be a partner in creating policy in legislation social media is a very very powerful too in politics this will be a mini revolution in everything to do the connections between us and the public which right now is not enough is not good enough the next bill's already in the making granting single mothers cheaper life insurance the social media i think will be the next platform of the politics all over the world it might have been the
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ancient greeks who introduced the world to democracy but today's generation is one click away from perfecting it paul asli r.t. tell of of. the list of locations on our planet where human beings can be sure their privacy is secure has just become shorter after another leak from edward snowden as ib martin tells us in her latest program it's canada their ports that have turned into spying hubs. canada is owned by an agency called c sec used to airport why fight attract travelers movements but the agency didn't stop there the second continue tracking individuals long after they left the airport by monitoring when their wireless devices showed up at other wife i hotspots in cities across canada and the us according to leak power point presentation from two thousand and twelve the program was a trial run for a joint see sec n.s.a. program to track quote any target that makes occasional forays into other cities
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because we all know that for rain equals terrorism. and he didn't hesitate to request comments from the agency and you can find out what the reaction was and check out the full show off to this very short break more news in just about half an hour from now. take me up to the ballgame and take me through the metal detector so wait that's not how the song goes well as the country changes sadly so must the national pastime they said the mariners released a statement that they like all of the teams for twenty fifteen are setting up metal
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detectors to screen all fans entering their stadium for get visions of hotdogs and home runs now everyone will be able to tell their grandkids about how their bags got searched because they had metal buttons at company name stadium baseball memories the team's management is also continuing their ban on bags larger than forty by forty by twenty centimeters because if you're going to stick an explosive device it had better be compact their body maybe i'm jumping the gun metal detectors can't touch your genitals or do a naked body scan probably they're. with the least intrusive coming forward security scan then again think about it they want to prevent some terrorist from blowing up a densely packed crowd of people in the stadium so the m l b wants teams to create densely packed lines of people outside the stadium before the game starts well these security measures really stop a psychotic terrorist murder nope but that's just my opinion. the.
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happy friday folks i'm out at martin and this is a break in the set so yesterday the governor of massachusetts announced that federal prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for a show cars of one of the alleged boston marathon bombers yes after shooting dozens of rounds of bullets at sarnath and leaving a near death it was a nurse back to health only to face execution all over again make sense now of course justice needs to be served for the perpetrators of this despicable act in which four people tragically lost their lives and dozens more were left were invented and hopefully a trial will indeed prove that was responsible for the death penalty is banned in our massachusetts state law which means he's the only third the only the third person in the state's history to face federal capital punishment furthermore a september poll found that only thirty three percent of massachusetts residents support the death penalty for. and by seeking execution the trial could drag on for
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months three traumatizing america for much longer than necessary but beyond just these reasons not to allow the state sponsored execution of the twenty year old capital punishment is just flat out wrong there is no humane way to kill someone and seeking the death penalty does nothing i continue the cycle of horrific violence and brutality that this attack first started now let's break the set. the. it was a really very hard to take a. look. at her act with that her right there.
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between tracking people's porn habits to spying on next lovers you would think that the n.s.a. leaks couldn't get any weirder revelation from earlier this week shows that the agency is also watching you play angry birds today to mine everything from a user's political affiliation to their sexual orientation great cause i won't be playing candy crush any time soon but with all the flak that the n.s.a. has been getting over the past year it's easy to forget that our neighbor to the north how exactly been a huge advocate for civil liberties either so well the corporate media is attention has been soley focused on uncle peeping tom the most recent snowden leaks show that a johnny come knock who's also been sticking his hockey puck or doesn't belong today c.b.c. news reported that canada is owned by an agency called c sec used the airport why
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fight attract travelers movements but the agency didn't stop there second continue tracking individuals long after they left the airport by monitoring when their wireless devices showed up at other wife i hotspots in cities across canada and the u.s. according to leave power point presentation in two thousand and twelve the program was a trial run for a joint n.s.a. program to track quote. any target that makes occasional forays into other cities because we all know that for rain equals terrorism. the document also shows that the sec was able to go back in time once i did it once that identified a specific traveler and see that person's various wife by location leading up to their arrival at the airport yes retro active tracking and i guess time travel isn't just reserved for marty mcfly anymore so how is. this bombshell report on a written response of the agency i'm sorry in a written response to c.b.c.
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news the agency said quote no canadian or foreign travelers movements were tracked no i didn't add quotes that were tracked that was their exact response i guess putting words in quotes is all you need to do to justify illegality in canada the n.s.a. should employ that tactic and their response is if director of national intelligence james clapper want to just use air protests when he told congress that the n.s.a. does not wittingly collect data on americans it would put those old unconstitutional global surveillance in the rest in fact clinton might have been spared an impeachment if only he would have said that i did not have sexual relations with that woman and bush would have gone down as a slightly more popular president if he would have just said that we found the weapons of mass destruction the point is that they had gas city of c. sec to get this type of response should be just as concerning to every canadian citizen is the revelation of the program itself terry was privacy minutes.


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